Case Studies - De Branding and ReBranding Client

A client had arranged to import a consignment of textiles from the Far East which he had sold to a supermarket chain, unfortunately due to delays with the shipment, the supermarket chain who originally ordered the stock cancelled the order. The client managed to sell the textiles to another supermarket chain on the provision that the consignment would be delivered by an agreed date which was only a few days after its arrival by container to the UK port.

The client required the textiles to have new barcode labels on the wrapping, new swing tags fitted and the cardboard display exchanging for each of the items in the container. In addition the outer cartons would also the labelling to be replaced.

The client contacted us to see if we could carry out the de-branding and rebranding of the textiles within the short timescale allocated. We were able to confirm that we could complete the job within the allotted timeframe and we agreed a competitive rate for the task including receiving the container at our premises and devanning, preparing it ready for delivery to the Supermarket chain’s distribution centre.

The client confirmed that he had the swing tags and the cardboard displays for the textiles but was struggling to have the barcode labels available in time for the arrival of the textiles at our premises. Once again we were able to help, the client forwarded details of the labels required in advance and we arranged the labels to be printed through our own source.

On receipt of the textiles, the work was completed within 48 hours and was despatched to the supermarket chain’s distribution centre by the required date.

The client was extremely pleased and now continues to use our services.

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