Alpha Rework provide a full range of services necessary to run a business that has a range of stock that requires storing, processing, packaging and sending to customers.

A Range of Rework & Warehousing Services

Whether you are looking for a warehouse to store all of your stock or you require a pick & pack service to put together orders which are then sent off, Alpha Rework provide the necessary services you need.

Heat Sealing / Shrink Wrapping

We are capable of heat sealing a wide range of products from books to large rolls of wallpaper. If, however you require a cheaper alternative, we also have a shrink wrapping service which can be used to wrap an assortment of items to keep them clean, sturdy and tamper proof.

Repacking of Goods

If an item needs re-bagging, re-boxing or repacking into different pack sizes, we can help. Whether the requirement is due to the packaging being damaged, separating products or separating products into different quantities.

Gift Pack Assembly

Looking to combine several products into one? We can combine several products into one gift pack, ready to be sent off to your customers at an affordable price.


We can ensure every product you sell has the correct labelling required such as price point, barcoding, CE marking and wing tagging. We can also provide the labels for your products labelling if this is required.

100% Check of Products

We undertake 100% checks of products, inspecting for any defects to avoid customer disappointment when their order is received.

Rectifying Problems With Stock

If there are problems with your stock, we are able to help resolve them. Whether it be issues such as manufacturing faults, unfinished products, incorrect labelling, etc. we can help.

Filling Cushion Covers

We can supply pads at competitive prices in a wide range of sizes and are able to fill approximately 5000 cushions a day.

Stitching Errors

Skilled on site staff are available to rectify stitching errors with products before they are sent to the customer.


We offer highly competitive prices for our de-branding and re-branding services for products which require the removal of swing tabs, labels, logos etc. to be replaced with your own branding.

Label Providers

We have several high speed printers for designing and printing professional labels of all sizes, including barcodes, so you can have every product you send come with your brand included.

Storage Facility

Up to 4000 pallet spaces are available in our warehouse, which is some 100,000 square foot and comes with 5 loads bays including dock levellers. All stock is stored by location and details of every product is stored and maintained on our Warehouse Management System (SAP).

Pick & Pack Service

We currently provide a pick & pack service for several customers supplying into the major supermarkets. Whether you supply businesses or directly to the consumer, our pick & pack service provides you with your very own space inside our warehouse.

Preparing stock for large retailers’ requirements

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