Contract - Branding

Clients may have stock which is simply not allocated for sale to any particular customer, however, once the stock is sold the client have to ensure that it meets the requirements of their customer with carton labels, barcodes, product labels and possibly swing tags. The product may also require to be sorted into colours and sizes depending on what their customer’s requirements are.

A Branding Case Study

A client imported a container of textiles from the far east. Just before the container arrived in the U.K. they had managed to sell the textiles to a large chain store. The chain store required the products to have a the chain stores swing tag with barcode attached, the polythene bag which item was packed in was to have a price label attached and the outer cartons needed the chain stores barcode labels attaching.

It was agreed that we would receive the container, brand the products according to their specifications, label the outer cartons, stack on to pallets, stretch wrap and despatch to chain stores NDC. The 20ft container arrived on Monday and by Friday the product was despatched.

The information we require from the client in order to brand is a detailed specification, is there anything to remove, what labels and swing tags are to be fitted and where. Who will provide the labels – if we are to provide then a sample needs to be agreed before commencement of the job. Any pallet stacking configurations, maximum heights etc must be agreed.

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