Contract - De-branding

Products may be manufactured for sale to a particular chain store and may have product labels, price tags, swing tags and possibly outer carton labels which indicate they are a product which is being sold through that chain store. If an order is cancelled or if the client simply purchases these products from the chain store, then they will need de-branding.

A De-Branding Case Study

A client recently had clothing which had been cancelled by a chain store. In order to make the goods saleable to other companies they had to ensure that all the textiles had the original chain store information removed from each of the items.

We received some 100 pallets from the client, we removed the price label from each of the polythene bags and removed swing tag from the actual product, where applicable new swing tags were fitted. The clothing was then sorted in to size ratios for each carton. The product was delivered in 25 pallets at a time on a daily basis and within 3 days of receipt, the first load was completed and ready for despatch.

The client was extremely pleased as he had managed to sell the products to another store and had needed a quick turnaround.

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