Contract - Gift Pack Assembly

There are many forms of Gift packs such as perfumes, fragrances, cosmetics, bottles and even seasonal items such as Christmas Gift sets. Gift packs have a number various components which are placed together in order to complete the pack and have to be Assembled by hand. The presentation of the completed Gift packs is critical.

A Gift Pack Assembly Case Study

We were contacted by one of our clients who had been using our storage services and were extremely pleased with these. They were looking for a company to pack their gift packs as their usual provider was unable to meet their requirements and becoming unreliable.
Gift Pack Assembly
The client was selling the finished stock on the internet and desperately needed additional stock especially in some of the fragrances. The client sent in all the required components and advised what fragrances were required first, the packs were assembled as per their instructions and photographs taken of every stage of assembly. Within just a few days of receiving all the components, the first pallet of completed stock was delivered to the client.

The client is extremely pleased and continues to contact us giving us additional gift packs to assemble. They know they can contact us and we offer both a quick turn around and good quality.

Get A Quote for Gift Pack Assembly

In order to provide a quote for our gift pack assembly contract packing service, we require a detailed step by step description of what is required (job specification), photographs are of assistance, it is of great help if samples can be forwarded to us for trials, these would be returned after trials have been completed.

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