Contract - Hand Assembly

We hand assemble a variety of products for clients this could be just making up a single component to multipart components which are put together to make up a SKU for direct point of sale, this could be as simple as changing a component on an item. Presentation is critical for these items.

A Hand Assembly Case Study

A company contacted us who had imported electrical products from the Far East but unfortunately the contacts were incorrect and the plate on the unit containing the contacts needed to be replaced. The client imported the components and test equipment and requested our assistance.

They needed some stock almost immediately as they had urgent orders to fulfil. We completed the first pallet (including testing the equipment to ensure it was in working order) within 24 hours of receipt of the components which ensured immediate orders were covered, the balance of stock was completed just a few days after.

The client was extremely pleased as he was able to meet his order demand.

The client had provided a detailed specification showing step by step guidance as to what was required, in addition samples were sent in advance so that we could complete trials in order to calculate costings.

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