Contract - Heat Sealing

Heat sealing is one of many contract packing services we offer which can be used to heat seal single or multiple products in a range of different materials. We have 2 top of the range L sealers on our premises which means we are capable of fulfilling any heat sealing packaging needs your business has.

Seal Product Packing With Our Heat Sealing Service

Heat SealingAlpha Rework & Warehousing offers a complete heat sealing solution in one easy, cost effective package. Our fast and dependable heat sealing machines are used for the sealing of products and packages and other thermoplastic materials with heat.

Generally a heat sealing machine works by utilising a process whereby one thermoplastic layer is sealed by heat and pressure to another thermoplastic layer. Used for many applications heat sealing is a popular method of packaging and our extensive experience and latest heat sealing equipment means we can offer you the very best quality available on the market.

With 2 top of the range L Sealers on our premises we are more than capable of fulfilling whatever heat sealing packaging need you may have. Our L sealers are fully automated and programmable with an excellent efficiency rate. The versatility of the heat sealing machines allows us to offer packaging solutions for a very wide range of products. After the L Sealer has sealed the heat sealing bags, the products are then moved on a transfer belt by auto feed to one of our heat shrink tunnels where skin tight wrapping and trimming is performed.

We are able to heat seal single or multiple products in a range of materials from high gloss to standard quality finishes. Not only that, we can have your product logo embossed on the finished product for a professional touch. Heat sealing services are the perfect packaging solution for all sorts of products; from books, artwork, clothing, medical supplies, cosmetics and many more products, so it is definitely worth your while to ascertain if this is the ideal type of packaging for your product.

L Sealing

When certain products require wrapping one of the chosen methods is L sealing. This places a wrap around the product which allows it to be kept clean and tidy. It can also be used to pack a number of products together such as books, leaflets and stationery.

Recently a client had sold a number of rolls of wallpaper but had noted that the information detailed on the label was incorrect including the product code. They urgently needed to sort this as the product was for supply to a chain store and needed to be in their shops within a couple of weeks.

We agreed to take on this task and were supplied with the new labels to be placed within the shrink film. There was over 4000 rolls to be relabelled and L sealed and this was completed within a week.

The client was extremely pleased as the stock was delivered to the chain store distribution centre within the time required.

In order for us to quote clients, we need details of what exactly is required preferably in a step by step instruction.

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