Contract - Product Labelling

When clients purchase stock it sometimes needs labelling, this could be due to the fact that it has been imported and requires certain labels to be attached in order to comply with EU legislation, it could be a simple case of adding price labels or perhaps labels for a particular store. These have to be attached to each individual product by hand.

A Product Labelling Case Study

Our product labelling service is just one of our contract packing services which was used by a client who was importing stock from the far east and selling the stock to a large chain store in the U.K. the problem was that the barcode label on the product was not the correct barcode for that store. Furthermore, the client had to get the stock delivered to the chain store’s NDC within just a few days of the container arriving in the U.K.
Product Labelling
Information for printing the barcodes and the quantity of barcodes needed was forwarded to us and we printed the new barcodes prior to arrival of the container. The container was re-directed for delivery to our premises and as soon as it arrived, the stock was taken in to our production where we over stickered the old bar code with the new bar code labels. The product was re-boxed, palletised, pallets stretch wrapped and dispatched to the NDC.

The stock was turned around in just a few days so it was delivered on time and the client did not receive any penalty charges from the chain store.

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The information required for labelling, how many products in a carton, where is the label to be fitted to the product what type of label is it (price, CE, barcode etc.). If we are supply – what size label is required, quantity, a copy of the label in advance so that we can agree prior to commencement of job.

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