Contract - Shrink Wrapping

A shrink wrapping service is a process whereby plastic film (polymer) is shrunk tightly over a product or products using a heat tunnel. In order to cover products either to keep them clean, enhance their appearance or keep them contained and secure they can be shrink wrapped. Amongst the products that usually require shrink wrapping are bottles, cans or tins placed in trays. The product is visible and is kept clean.

Cost-Efficient & Popular Choice of Packing

Here at Alpha Rework & Warehousing we have 2 Rochman Shrink Wrap Machines, one semi-automated and one fully automated machine, with 3 Rochman Heat Tunnels. Our shrink wrapping machines make use of the latest technology in product packaging and provide a consistent and reliable packaging solution. We often place two heat tunnels on one line which enables us to sleeve twin or triple packs thereby speeding up the process.
Shrink Wrapping
As the most cost effective method of packaging, shrink wrapping is both a fast and dependable way of packaging products of all shapes and sizes as well as fragile items e.g. glassware. Clients who have used our shrink wrapping service report a benefit in the reduction of costs due to a reduction in damage of the products.We ensure that the products we wrap are kept clean and wrapped to our exacting high standards.

Our shrink wrapping facilities are suitable for the packaging of books, games, tins, bottle, multipacks and many more products.

A Shrink Wrapping Case Study

A client contacted us who had a number of cans which needed re-labelling as the information on the cans was incorrect. The task was to receive the product shrink wrapped in trays, open the wrap, take out the cans and fit new labels, place the cans back in the trays, shrink wrap and affix a barcode label. The client had sold the stock and needed the label fitting urgently.

We received the palletised stock and labels and within just a few days had reworked the stock and despatched it back to the clients warehouse.

The client was pleased with the service given and has already given us further work to process.

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