Remedial - Re-packaing

Perhaps the quantity in the original packaging differs to how the product is being sold, the product may have been imported and simply need to be re-packaged, or perhaps the packaging is incorrect and needs to be changed. Alpha Rework and Warehousing are there to help.

A Re-Packing Case Study

A client had purchased stock from the Far East and had imported it via Air Freight to fulfil urgent orders. When he received the sample just a short while before the import was due he noted that the cardboard insert was incorrect and that he would not be able to sell the products unless the problem was rectified. The client ordered new cardboard inserts which he then verified as correct.

The client contacted us and we obtained new sealable inner and outer polythene bags. As soon as the product arrived it was delivered to our premises. We re-packaged the stock into the new bags fitting the new cardboard insert to each pack as required. The order was turned around in less than 48 hours and we arranged delivery to the customer at the agreed time/date. The client was pleased has he had met his booking and would not incur any penalty charges nor cancellation of order.

The client provided step by step specifications and pictures so that we able to give him an accurate cost for completion of the job.

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