Remedial Work and Rework

If you receive stock from a supplier, you may at times experience issues with the stock you receive such as damages, branding which requires removal or adding and products which need repackaging.

Quick & Easy Remedial and Rework Service for Stock Issues

Our remedial and rework service provides all the services required to ensure the stock you send out is exactly how you intend it to be received.

Urgent Rework

Here at Alpha we provide quick and easy solutions to any issue or problem you may be experiencing with your stock that cannot be solved by your current supplier. We have the facilities to deal with many issues including manufacturing faults, unfinished products, incorrect labelling and packing and many more. Clients take advantage of our specialist rework capabilities including those with overseas manufacturing facilities who prefer to have product issues rectified locally rather than returning the goods to source.

De-Branding / Re-Branding

Alpha offers an exceptional de-branding and re-branding service. This facility can be applied to both new and more mature products as well as products that are unfinished. We are experts in the removal of existing brands (removal of swing tabs, labels, logos etc) to be replaced with better branding. Our prices are highly competitive and our turnaround times are unbeatable.


Our repackaging facilities are suitable for both large and small pallet quantities. Our services include replacing damaged packaging, re-boxing in different quantities, disassembly and reassembly, re-bagging, re-packing into various pack sizes or replacing of goods into each SKU.

Quality Checking (AQL)

Here at Alpha use the BS6001 inspection method to ensure we meet all the quality check standards expected by our clients. If you are having any issues with your current suppliers we are here to assist you. An AQL (acceptance quality Limit) and inspection standard is agreed with you and all quality checks are documented accordingly.

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